The city of Jerusalem has been the focal point of the Middle East conflict for decades. It is particularly in the occupied territory of East Jerusalem and the surrounding West Bank that the humanitarian consequences of this conflict become most apparent. Palestinian residents and Israeli settlers live there, side-by-side in one metropolitan area, in hostile neighbourhood, separated by walls and fences, and under very different living conditions and prospects.

The documentary style photographs in this book explore these urban landscapes and provide a view of the deep marks and scars that the Middle East conflict has left in this area over the decades.

Published by Kerber Verlag in July 2016

ISBN 978-3-7356-0252-7

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128 pages

87 colored illustrations

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Im Münchner Stadtteil Schwabing an der Leopoldstraße, etwas versteckt hinter der Mensa der Universität liegt der Leopoldpark, ein Stück Natur mit uralten Bäumen und stillen Ecken, manchmal traumhaft schön. Er ist eigentlich gar nichts Besonderes, ist auch recht klein, wird aber von vielen innig geliebt und intensiv für alles Mögliche genutzt. Das geht nicht spurlos an ihm vorüber. Er ist auch gezeichnet von der tristen Infrastruktur des urbanen Lebens, wie sie eben zu einer Grünanlage mitten in der Stadt dazu gehört.

Es ist diese Spannung zwischen dem Bewahren und dem Benutzen der Natur, zwischen Traum und Tristesse, die in diesem Buch fotografisch erkundet wird.  Es wird außerdem die lange und wechselvolle Geschichte dieses kleinen Parks erzählt, wie alles angefangen hat vor über einhundertsiebzig Jahren und warum es an ein Wunder grenzt, dass es ihn heute überhaupt noch gibt. Da ging es um Erhalten oder Erneuern, gab es Glanz und Elend – ein bewegtes und bewegendes Stück Münchner Stadtgeschichte im Kleinen.

Published by Allitera Verlag in September 2017

ISBN 978-3-86906-987-6

24 x 26 cm

144 pages

74 colored illustrations


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A beer tent at the Oktoberfest is more than just a place where Bavarian beer is served and a brass band plays. Here every day anew an extraordinary social space arises where people of different backgrounds come together and find one another, and at least for the moment, any sense of alienness and all social differences disappear.

The photographs in this book are portraying this unique crowd and capture in pictures what is almost impossible to describe in words.

The American writer Thomas Wolfe has nevertheless put his experiences into words in an impressive way. In his short story ‘Oktoberfest’ of 1928, he also portrays what for him was an absolutely exotic behaviour at the world’s largest beer festival, which both attracted and repelled him and whose fascination he himself found impossible to resist.

Published by Allitera Verlag in August 2018

ISBN 978-3-96233-045-3

25 x 20 cm

104 pages

24 colored illustrations


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Defying traditional portraiture, this series of photographs encapsulates the rich, varied, eclectic and diverse population of London as seen in the democratising space of a carriage on the London Underground. By omitting the face, these portraits allow us an undistracted and genuine perusal of these passengers and the stories which their visual appearances are telling. It also challenges our ability to see, recognise and understand these stories. It is a gentle yet pervasive look at the great sea of humanity travelling in subterranean London and the rich diversity in this contemporary metropolis.

Introduction by Zelda Cheatle

Published by Kerber Verlag in October 2019

ISBN 978-3-7356-0633-4

17 x 20 cm

96 pages

45 colored illustrations


Language: English

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Arcadia – a utopian land where man lives in harmony with nature, where war, worry and disease are absent, where tranquility, solidarity and happiness are everlasting – has a long tradition stretching back to antiquity. Originally a remote landscape in the Peloponnese, said within ancient Greek mythology to be inhabited by the gods and spirits of nature, this earthly paradise was transformed into an imaginary idyll by the Roman poet Virgil in his pastoral poems, and has lived on in Western art, intellectual history, and the imagination ever since.

In the years 2020 and 2021, l spent many days wandering along my nearby river in search of peace of mind, amongst many others who were seeking the same at the time. I looked for Arcadia, simply on my own doorstep, and I found it there.

Published by Kerber Verlag in August 2022

ISBN 978-3-7356-0869-7

21 x 25 cm

112 pages

67 colored illustrations


Language: English

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